5 Social Escort Myths Busted

Believe or not, being a social escort is a very legitimate profession that serves an important function in society. Even though the demand for social escorts in Singapore has been increasing with more qualified individuals filling this growing demand, many transactions are still done in secret due to the many negative connotations society has associated with this profession.

Here are five myths we would like to dispel and lift the veil of shame off the social escort profession:

Myth 1 – Social Escorts = Prostitutes

This is a very common misconception and the most untrue! Anyone who has ever employed the services of qualified social escorts will tell you that this is far from the truth.

Prostitution is a very straight forward concept – the exchange of money for sexual relations whereas social escorts is used to refer to people who provide the service of human companionship that caters to different occasions or needs.

Services can range from attending birthday parties, dinner dates, a girlfriend experience to even just hanging out and having a nice long engaging chat. Some escorts even act as tour guides to show you around their home country.

You will see that social escorts are not sex workers, many of them are very well-educated, worldly and sociable and know how to show you a good time beyond action in the bedroom!

Myth 2 – Social Escorts Are Losers Who Can’t Find Other Work

Although most social escorts are good lookers, looks are just a very small part of what they offer. You may not realise this but many of social escorts who have worked with us are well-educated and have successful careers. Being a social escort is a choice they have made because they love people and have the talent for bringing people joy.

Not anyone who wants to become a social can make the cut, they have to be at least attractive, well-groomed and intellectually stimulating.

Myth 3 – Only Ugly People Hire Escorts

Actually, this is a myth that many people choose to believe in to validate the unfair judgements they have on the escort service. Only if they knew the truth! Many of our clients are good looking, successful professionals and businessmen who know what they want. Due to their extremely busy lifestyles, they crave good human companionship but do not want the burden of maintaining a relationship (platonic or otherwise) and they know the value of time and so are willing to pay for it.

Myth 4 – Escorts All Have Supermodel Looks

It definitely helps an escort to have classically good looks that appeals to the mass market, but every escort agency needs to be able to cater for all sorts of niches. Not every client needs a stunning beauty for good company. We have clients who specifically need someone pleasant looking with loads of personality and wit.

Myth 5 – Social Escorts Are Illegal In Singapore

This is definitely not true. We are in the business of providing human companionship of the non-sexual kind and this is definitely not illegal. Neither our escorts nor the agency offer sexual services any payment exchanged will be for companionship only.


There you go, we hope you have a better idea about the service we provide and left you with a better impression of social escorts in Singapore. If you are curious, there is no harm in trying out our services, book now!

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