9 Questions Answered About What Is Legal In Singapore


Answers to 9 Commonly Asked Questions Surrounding Social Escort Services and the Sex Trade Industry

The legal aspects surrounding Singapore social escort services can be confusing. We have answered some legal questions so that informed decisions can be made when using social escort services in Singapore.

1. Are Social Escort Agencies Legal?

Some agencies are legal. It is easy to identify a legal social escort agency because, in order to be legal, the agency needs to be registered with ACRA (the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority). A simple search through the ACRA registered business directory will verify whether an agency is legal or not.

2. Do Social Escort Agencies Offer Sexual Services?

It must be understood that sexual services are not offered by social escort agencies because it is illegal to pimp sexual services. Pimping is punishable by law and a Pimp can be fined up to $10,000 with a maximum 5-year imprisonment. However, we have heard of arrangements being made between the escort and the client.

3. Is Prostitution Legal?

Well, prostitution is not illegal in certain areas. Solicitation of sexual favors, on the other hand, is not legal.

4. Is There a Legal Sexual Age in Singapore?
It is legal to have paid sex with any person who has given consent and who is at least 18 years old. By extension having paid sex with a person who is under 18 is regarded as a criminal offense.

5. What Does ‘Consent’ Mean?

A person can be found guilty of rape if it is established that his partner was an unwilling participant. Although explicit consent is not often determined prior to sexual activity, there are a few instances when consent is not given. There is no consent if a person is inebriated beyond reasonable judgment. In the event that an individual gives consent under fear of wrongful restraint or injury, this consent is coerced and not acceptable by law.

6. What is a Red-Light District?

In an effort to contain prostitution and other sexual services, the government has created Designated Red Areas (DRA’s) for these activities. These areas, known as red-light districts, are places where brothels are allowed to operate with a few restrictions in place. The brothels must comply with a provision that employees carry health cards and attend regular health checks. They must also provide condoms to patrons who are required to make use of these safety precautions. These brothels are restricted from publicly soliciting customers and are expected to confine their business indoors.

7. What about Extra-Services at Massage Parlors?

Although many patrons frequent massage parlors seeking extra services, the sexual services offered are illegal. Patrons and masseuses are aware of this but tend to rely on the early warning system available at these venues to avoid detection.

8. Have Same-sex Relationships Been Legalized?

While it is legal to have a relationship with someone of the same sex in Singapore, it is also expected that this relationship remain confined to private spaces and may not be flaunted in public areas.

9. Can a Person with HIV/AIDS Have Sex?

Yes, it is legal for a person who has tested positive for HIV/AIDS to have sexual relations as long as this person discloses their infection prior to any sexual activity. Failure to comply with this can lead to harsh punishment including a $50,000 fine and/or imprisonment of up to 10 years.

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