Boyfriend With Social Escort Girlfriend Tells All in Reddit AMA

Boyfriend With Social Escort Girlfriend Tells All in Reddit AMA

The Escort industry has seen a significant growth over the past few years, and a particular location where this phenomenon is happening is Singapore.

The boyfriend of a Singaporean Social Escort went on Reddit not too long ago to take part in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) topic, a place where anyone with a Reddit account could ask him anything they want within that topic itself. The thread escalated at an alarming rate on Reddit rankings as people were very interested to see what the escort’s boyfriend had to say. He seemed to be very approachable and easily let out answers to other people’s questions.

The escort is apparently 21 years old and her boyfriend 23, both living in her apartment.

What seems to be very interesting about this escort is the fact that she apparently supports her boyfriend financially, and on top of that, she doesn’t refuse having sex with him after a workday! She seems to be the dream escort to have as a girlfriend, doesn’t she? Plus, she regularly gets tested for STDs and always uses condoms. This makes her a very safe choice for men who’d like to have a little bit of fun sometimes. Also, she doesn’t work regular hours, although she will not back down from working if she is needed at a rather unorthodox hour, making her reliable at the same time.

One of the very interesting question the 23-year-old escort boyfriend was asked was if he would ever consider marrying the 21-year-old prostitute. Seeming to be very calm, he answered that he would never rule out the possibility and that he is rather proud of being a good-for-nothing. The fact that if one day they would have children and they would be told their mom was an escort and their dad didn’t do anything all day can be intriguing for many people.


When asked about how much the escort earns, her boyfriend replied that she is at about 1500-1800 SGD an hour, which would translate to about $1200-$1400 USD. He claimed that the escort could reach up to $100,000 a year if she is consistent. However, a reply proved that his estimations were way off and that the escort could easily reach $1,000,000 in a year with the rates she’s taking.


Although she may seem like quite an expensive escort at $1000 an hour, it is not the price paid to just enjoy a nice looking girl. Most of the money is paid for secrecy and the assurance that nothing of what happens will be let out. This happens in most cases and this escort is no different. Also, with the money the two get – or better said, she gets – her boyfriend claimed they have the chance to just stay home and do nothing all day if they don’t want to, which seems like a pretty good thought to many people.


All in all, this escort is safe as she takes care of herself and is pretty reliable, although she can be quite pricey at the exchange of ultimate secrecy, making her a perfect choice for important men who can’t be seen with an escort.

>> Check out the actual AMA here


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