Cuddle Parties Are A New Big Hit

Are Cuddle Parties The Nexg Big Thing?

Do you want to cuddle but there is no one around or they just hate cuddling? Then this new big hit may be just what you’re looking for.

Cuddle parties came to the attention of the American media when a woman from Seattle opened a “cuddle club” and declared that it was possible to hire her for cuddling.

Soon after that, a woman from Portland revealed to the Wall Street Journal that she is also available for hire as a cuddler; a customer who wants to cuddle with her has to pay one dollar per minute. Duration of cuddling sessions varies. The longest cuddle session lasts 5 hours and the cuddling partners change fifty different positions.

However, even though this news is relatively new to the United States and the rest of the world, in Australia cuddle parties have been around for a few years now.

The most famous host of cuddle parties in Australia is Maruš, who started hosting cuddle parties 7 years ago. He is from Melbourne and runs a successful business called Sensual Healing.

According to Maruš, all events in his club are for people older than 18. Events are completely safe, and there is a great balance between men and women. However, Maruš confessed that awkward moments do happen.

Maruš wrote on the website he owns that cuddle parties aren’t about sex, even though it is possible for people to be turned on. He also added there is no reason to worry because any sexual tensions really go away after a while.

If you think cuddle parties are just a mask for swinger parties, you’re wrong. Maruš said that all participants agree not to act on their sexual desires.

Cuddling parties run by Maruš are the first of this kind in Australia, and his business is very popular.

If you wondered what goes on at cuddle parties, Maruš explains: “We start with 20 minutes of rules and guidelines for the event and we have no late attendees. We’re essentially getting strangers not to be strangers. It helps build confidence, communication, it helps us set boundaries and explore our fun side.”

With the popularity of cuddle parties in other countries, it is just matter of time before social escort agencies in Singapore include them as well.

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