Escorting – The Lucrative Option for a Young Singaporean!

So, why does a young Singaporean prefer to be a social escort these days? Aren’t there enough jobs in the Lion City to keep everyone busy? Or is that there aren’t many well paying jobs here? There are many more questions that can be asked after looking at the current scenario wherein more and more Singaporeans are turning freelance escorts.

These days, it pays to be a Singapore escort for the simple reason that there is so much on offer in the industry. Yes, there are many other occupations in Singapore that pays equally well. But, can everyone in this tiny country end up getting their dream jobs? Not really. Escorting, on the other hand, may not seem as a career option for many. But things are changing pretty fast. There is so much money and other perks involved in escort business that young Singaporeans do not even look at other options they have. The idea here is – get into escorting as early as possible, make enough money and follow what your heart says!

You may find this hard to believe, but it’s true that there are many escorts that earn anywhere between a few hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars each month, after entering into the trade early. The interesting thing is that not all escorts enter into the trade out of compulsion, as it might look like from outside. There are a sizeable number of escorts in Singapore that enter into the field as a career choice. Whatever be the reason behind them joining the trade, the escort is a clear winner! There is so much to earn and to look forward to that young Singaporeans are making an excuse or two just to enter the industry!

So, how does one become a Singapore social escort in the Lion City? First, you need to have a pleasing personality if you want to become a successful escort. If you do not have one, make sure you work on it and improve it considerably. Second, you need to get in touch with a reputed agent or agency that can handle your portfolio. Once you are in it and are ready to take on a client, be sure to provide the kind of services that your client expects out of you. That’s it. Keep the clients happy and make them comfortable. This approach should help you a lot in progressing further!

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