Life of A Social Escort!

Social escorts are not aliens. They are the normal people like all of us. The difference between a social escort and other people is that she earns a living by doing something that has a social stigma attached to it. How social escorts deal with it and what is the life like entertaining the opposite sex? Here are some peeks into the life of a social escort who has been interviewed recently…


She is a 22 year old girl. It has not been long since she started working as a social escort. She came into this trade, as she told, out of her curiosity to know the social and psychological workings behind it.


Being a student in the university, her shift begins at six in the evening and continues till twelve at night. As a result she reaches back home by 1 or 2 at night. If a client asks her to meet at 7, her driver picks her up at 6:30. She can dress herself in any type of clothes like tank top, Leather jackets and a wool maxi dress unless and until these don’t look too casual or odd on her figure. She is happyt that she can choose her attire


Once she reaches where she is called, she greets her client by kissing him and excuses herself to the loo. On the way she finds an envelope full of cash which she picks up and makes a call to her driver to let him/her know that she is safe and asks him/her to pick her up after 5 hours.


Though she finds it exhausting to work as a local SG escort, she admires this work for the fact that it provides her instant gratification including sex which she can indulge in without emotional baggage or attachment or any embarrassing conversation and also including the pay in cash. Apart from it, the satisfaction gotten from the compliments her customers, who are gentlemen, give her is something that makes her continue with the job without cribbing.


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