Male Escorts…If You don’t Know already!

Heard it before? As for me, I think I knew this already but was always doubtful. Yeah, I know a word gigolo is there but it defines the same thing I’m not sure. While women social escort have been around for a long time, males are unheard of till now. Not so believable but true. Since least in the knowledge of people, talk on this topic is likely to rouse the attention of all and sundry, something people will read with an eager eye, that’s what I think.


Male prostitution has been in the working for quite some time now –I got to know when I came across it online. Before that although the thought crossed my mind a few times (whenever I got to hear girls making a handsome earning out of it) wondering if male escorts or prostitutes could also be there but I never bothered to check it.


In almost all cases, women who hire male escorts, pay them by hour for the companionship they provide to them. They may be asked to escort the woman to an event or just for the purpose of dating-most of the times. There are obviously some rules like ‘no sex’ and such stuff set by the escort agency but women , if they are ready to shell out more, can avail this as an ‘addition’, that’s what I’ve read.


Nobody narrated me their experience, no personal experience either however, I presumed them to be existing for the same factors there exist female prostitutes. Some of them may be like for reasons of security, for attending social events during work, to keep their busybody relatives’ mouth shut, for companionship, for sex, for getting quits with their cheating husbands, for showing off to friends and mates and so on.

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