New Zealand Is The Best Country For Sex Workers

New Zealand Is The Best Country For Sex Workers

Due to its robust laws New Zealand is the most convenient place in the world to be a sex worker.

The Prostitution Reform Act 2003 protects sex workers in New Zealand. The purpose of the act was to decriminalize prostitution.

The act was designed to prevent the exploitation of prostitutes, protect the human rights of sex workers, and ensure the occupational health and safety of workers in the sex industry. It also prohibits girls under 18 from joining the prostitution industry.

The act also offered numerous benefits for prostitutes, allowing them to receive regular pay, sign contracts, and ask for help from the police without fear of reprisal. Due to this act, sex workers are now able to report any client to authorities if they think that person is abusive or doesn’t want to pay for their service.

In the United Kingdom, prostitution itself isn’t illegal, but some activities are considered illegal, like paying for sex with someone who is forced to do it, paying for sex in a public place, and street prostitution. The situation is similar to that of social escorts in Singapore. They are legal but are often exposed to activities that are considered illegal.

Northern Ireland will implement a new law on 1 June which will make it the only place in the United Kingdom where a person can be pronounced guilty for paying for sexual services.
Numerous groups which fight for prostitutes’ rights have called on prostitution to be decriminalized in the UK and for the government there to establish a system that is similar to the one in New Zealand.

Cari Mitchell, a representative for the English Collective of Prostitutes, said that New Zealand adopted the law in order to improve health and safety. She also added that it is outrageous to criminalize women for prostitution when they are only trying to survive and make ends meet just like other people.

Considering the fact that business is booming in the sex industry, prostitution should be legalized for many economic reasons as well.

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