RazorTV Interview: A Day in the Life of a Social Escort

We recently found a series of interviews by Razor TV with social escorts in Singapore. This particular interview was done with a female Singapore social escort, Giselle, who shared some insights on what goes on in the life of a social escort.

Watch the video below:

The interview surprisingly introduces a different face of a social escort in the light that Giselle comes from an upper-middle class family. Her motivations are different from the face of poverty most would be inclined to understand. The reality is, we also know there are other social escorts like Giselle who are not driven into this line of work to meet basic needs but to establish their independence and achieve what they “want” faster with self-reliance.

A peek into this new face provides a new definition to “everyone has their secrets”. While Giselle stands by her decision as an acceptable occupation for her to carry, confirming that she would do it all the same if time would be rolled back, she understands that this work is not acceptable in the eyes of many. At a glance, she is poised and well dressed in designer wear, you would never guess what
supports her lifestyle.

Giselle shares that it’s the money that really drove her to it. It comes to mind that if she really wanted the money then she could have explored other options and talents to achieve the same, to which a critical point is made when she explains that it’s the line of work where one can get the biggest amount for the few hours to render, “$7 an hour or $5 an hour is not going to get me anywhere”.

We know that this line of thinking is not the norm, but for some people their priorities and wants in life blur the lines between society’s standard against its contradiction, and it leads them to cross that line. There are those like Giselle, who want to achieve a quality of life they earn for themselves the fastest they can. Giselle even makes mention that this is a just a side job for her.

Apart from this, not everyone really sees “Sex” as taboo as much as it was back in the day and it’s more evident now with the Internet. A study presented by ProCon.org showed how out of 100 countries 49% already supports legalized prostitution in some form or another.

(ref: http://prostitution.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=000772)

Though society seems more open about the topic of Sex, it doesn’t openly welcome the act of acquiring profit by means of intercourse.

While being a social escort supports the life and materials that Giselle wants for herself, I believe that there is more to Giselle’s story and motivation for her to have even considered this line of work in the first place. Her decision would have been influenced by, her definition of the value of her body and intercourse, her social status and relationship with peers and family affecting how she defines her personal morals. When Giselle was asked if she regrets being a social escort, she explains how she feels
a bit sorry for losing the innocence and growing up too fast, so she did have some sense of value for her virtue. So why did she pursue this work? She was very firm that she wanted to achieve what she wanted without relying on her parents for money. Why she felt so strongly about it enough for her to be on the path she is now? We don’t know…

All the same things that make-up why everyone else define their own morals and make their decisions. We all have our own stories, our own battles and our own demons. We also all have our own aspirations with our varied degree of motivation to achieve them. As Razor TV covers how the life of a social escort has changed Giselle in their next video, it could give some more context into how her morals have been defined now with the influence of her life a Social Escort.

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