RazorTV Interview – High-tech Singapore Social Escorts

In another video interview by RazorTV, this video features how the current technology, specifically the internet, has expanded the reach and business of agencies or personal social escorts. While Razor TV’s interview with Giselle, a 22-year old social escort, gives you some insight on a double life for a social escort, it actually provides a view of what the web provides them to that supports their access to more opportunities for customers and their ability to market their service through different features the web offers.

Following through the topic covered on this interview, this article mainly expounds on the business of prostitution.

While more conservative groups have been airing out concerns on controlling the availability of similar content we all know that that battle’s conclusion is far-fetched given the current access, connections and tools the internet provides. Meanwhile, there also seems to be no stopping the business of prostitution; this line of work has long been available before most of us alive today were born and is now more empowered with a new stage on the internet.

The internet has been able to provide a platform for prostitution much like it has provided other to marketable products and services. A place to compare quality, availability of services, pricing and reviews. It also provides social escort agencies a farther reach to acquire their “talent” as other lines of business would.

A curious question was raised during the interview asking about Giselle’s fear of the law and it raises a more important point to consider. If there is really conscious effort to try to control the online expansion of prostitution, then there must be more defined laws and more concrete auditing and reinforcing body who can follow it through. After all, the law is only as powerful as the people who reinforce them. There has been conscious effort to apply this against piracy and even plagiarism.

However, even in the law against prostitution different nations and factions do not even agree. There are some who have been able to set specific standards for licensing which establishes a level of protection both for the procurer and the social escort and there have been those who have been loud and firm about their stand against prostitution but have come to little or no progress in suppressing it.

One other thought is that if people start considering this as a legitimate service that anyone able should be able to offer at their will how does it comply with the general morals of men? Sex has always been close to taboo to most nations, yet the appeal of such still markets all too well against a broad audience. Now, more so than before, it’s expansion via the web also comes at a time where there are more open minds and more questions to standards set before us (that have classified Sex as an inappropriate act for public).

If you think about it though, the media and the internet has supported this change in times. So how do we fix it?

It’s there, it’s always been there and it’s growing. The reality is that your neighbor, that colleague and that classmate of yours could be living a double life in this line of work for their own reasons. Still even much worse than people proactively and willingly selling their sexual services are people being raped and detained to provide these services without their consent.

Why does it happen? Because there are people willing to pay for it. The world/country is often garnered a surprise when an expose or two comes out naming political or even religious leaders involved in such.

The reality is prostitution has always been there, and it continues to exist because poor countries continue to be poor, and therefore, brings people who resort to prostitution. The internet simply allowed for sellers to have a wider audience to market and for procurers to have a wider range of choices. With Poor countries:

  • there are people who live in places where they cannot afford basic needs at a more
    affordable cost due to poor economy
  • there are people unable to afford education to qualify for other jobs and find this line of
    work pays the most in order for them to achieve the quality of life that they want.

What about the customers? This business wouldn’t thrive if there were none who support it. Well, they have always existed too. If Man only ate rice, they would still be curious if someone showed them meat, if Man only found rice and never knew meat then I guess the picture would be different now would it?

Fixing hunger and poverty is a bigger job and broader topic. It is easy to judge those who sell themselves as prostitutes when we have our own skills, talents, education and access to basic needs, but not everyone is capable of that. Not everyone is capable of writing a meaningful 500-word article to earn money, not everyone has the talent they can showcase for a living; not everyone has street smarts even to find their way through a plausible business; not everyone had parents to guide them as they grew up.

Sex sells, and for some, that is all they have that they can use, so they take it. The onus is not on them to stop. The pressure is on our governments and on people like us who have what they don’t to make a difference in theirs; not by judging them… but by pushing the pressure where it’s due.

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