RazorTV Interview – Social Escorts Are Not Prostitutes


“We are not Prostitutes!” says Razor TV’s interviewee, Giselle, when asked what the common misconceptions are against social escorts. She works part time as a social escort and elaborates in this interview what sets her services apart from prostitution.

The video shares the experiences of Giselle in what she actually does as social escort. She classifies social escorts as modern Geisha’s, at their time with client is spent not solely for Sex. Giselle explains that time involved with clients is mainly for companionship and that the profiles of her clients include businessmen and that 95% of her clients are bankers and CEO’s of foreign companies. It is mentioned during the video though that she sleeps with about 70% of her clients. She shares a story of one European client who booked her services and used their time together to take her out on shoe fairs and just basically spend the whole day riding his car, watched shows and have dinner.

When asked if she gets calls from customers who ask to procure her services only for sex says she turns down these calls and actually feel offended (following that she feels she shouldn’t be). She also makes an effort to protect herself from customers who provide more risk of uncontrollable circumstances by including specific terms in her employment terms that exclusion of drugs and alcohol.

Throughout the interview, we see a conflict of values from how she firmly states that social escorts are prostitutes yet admits that she sleeps with 70% of her clients. The video also shows examples of censored pictures highlighting more of what Giselle can offer physically than that of selling the value of her companionship. However, an insight on the limits and standards she sets as a social escort brings to light how her line of work is different from prostitution.

In the context of defining what a prostitute is, one may consider the differences Giselle cites between a prostitute and a social escort. It may leave one to compare that there are actually people who go through the same notions of companionship and one night stands without the involvement of money. However, the online advertisements and the amount of exposure social escorts are attuned to seem all too similar to prostitution still.

While Giselle labelled herself as a modern Geisha, she probably has yet to understand that true Geisha’s, prior to the occupancy of Western Society of Japan, were not allowed to have intercourse with their clients no matter how highly they paid for them. It is only once, during the rite of Mizuage, where a trainee Geisha’s (Maiko) virginity is sold by Geisha House.

In this writer’s opinion, while a social escort’s fee doesn’t require them to engage in intercourse the reality is they do in more than half of their transactions. It would be difficult for them then to redefine themselves as modern Geisha’s to set themselves apart from prostitutes. If they are able to live by specific standards like Giselle has shared, they would set themselves apart in a higher class within the market of prostitution not outside of it.

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