Singapore Escort – Handsome Earnings!

The globally-competitive world of business takes it all for a man to make it big- from investing a sound capital to attending those parties where the bigwigs of the businesses rub shoulders. The job is certainly not easy. For people either looking to initiate a new venture or promote an existing establishment, these business dos hold a tremendous importance. And here come in the picture social escort whose role got bigger than ever in this cut-throat competition environment.


It’s for all those females who wish to venture into an uncharted territory or ones who got sick of doing routine jobs and are adventurous enough to try something off the beaten track. Since you will walk with your client to all kinds of business and bachelor parties, you need to be an outgoing, friendly and above all a pleasant persona who can mix up with the business tycoons and get their clients some meaty deals. A gregarious you is best suited to the job. Looks don’t count much. What matters most is your attitude and social skills which are essential to make you look like the girlfriend of the guy you are escorting to any such party.


You will be open to explore so many interesting avenues on the social circuit one you are hired for the job. You will be committed to your client. You’ll listen to him and what he wants you to talk in the party. Then once in the party with your client, you will strike a conversation with his friends and all those he intends to make contacts with. You will state all the positives things about your client and up his value in the gathering. You must not miss the points he has already discussed with you in advance without sounding fake. You must get your act together in such a way that all in his circle will take some of ‘your boyfriend’ back with them to contact him later.


It is a fun to be a local SG escort as you will get to accompany clients from high society and businessmen from overseas. Going to and attending parties with them will be a lifetime experience for you as it will give you chances of meeting many renowned personalities of the business world. Think, some day, you walk to one of these dos and find yourself face-to-face with a cine star or sports stars, you have admired all these years and for that you are being paid 4500 per hour and $5000 per day!!


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