Singaporean Social Escort Tells All In Reddit AMA

Singaporean Social Escort Tells All In Reddit AMA

The Social Escort business is a thriving underground business all around the world. One of the places where this business is doing particularly well is Singapore.

A Singaporean Social Escort recently took to Reddit to participate in one of the site’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) events, where anyone curious about the industry was free to ask her anything.
The AMA made it to the top of the rankings very quickly as interest grew and more people bravely asked the questions on their minds. The 26-year-old Singaporean Social Escort was candid in her responses but careful not to expose too many personal details.

She introduced herself as a single, 26 year old University Graduate of Chinese ethnicity.

She said that she entered the business after being approached by an agent who thought she had what it takes to be a successful escort. She explained further that high-end escorts need good looks and an ability to hold a conversation.


One of the most interesting responses from the AMA arose when the Escort was questioned about her earnings. She responded that she takes away $500 per hour after her agent gets a cut of $500 per hour. This translates to $9000 – $15000 a month. A participant in the AMA reflected on his personal experiences during his travels around the world and highlighted the different costs of escorts in the countries he visited.


A discussion about her clientele revealed that expat males between the ages of 30 years and 50 years generally make use of her services. High-end escorts demand higher paying clientele and her clientele is made up of high earning businessmen. In a very candid response, she revealed that her clients have a lot to lose if they were exposed.


A surprising revelation was that even though her clients are screened by her agent, she is still in danger if things turn violent. She admits, though that the prospect of violence is not as daunting as the possibility of disease and explains that she is careful to take precautions.

She clarified that although her pictures on the agency’s website are all accurate representations of her, the clients are still able to turn an escort away after 5 or 10 minutes of meeting, if they are not pleased. She boasts that she had never been turned away and confesses that she brings in repeat business for her agency.
The social escort revealed her desire to leave the social escort scene once she has saved enough money to begin her own business and she set herself a two-year timeline to accomplish her goals. She explained that a woman can only achieve high earning potential in this business between the ages of 20 and 30 years. After this period, alternative employment arrangements have to be made in order to maintain the desired standard of living.


A participant who revealed that she is an ex-social escort voiced her concerns post escorting. She revealed that although her escorting days are over, she is still at risk of being exposed as an escort and feels vulnerable now that she has a thriving career. Many participants sympathised with the 26-year old’s feelings of loneliness and her inability to discuss her part-time escorting job with family and friends. She emphatically insisted that she would never reveal her secret life to her future family and significant other.

A word of caution was offered by a participant who pointed out the psychological dangers of living a double life and warned that issues need to be dealt with by appropriate professionals.

Although this social escort initially thought that she was opening herself up to ridicule and criticism instead her AMA promoted understanding and she received empathy from the participants.

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