The Etiquettes To Follow When Hiring A Social Escort In Singapore

The etiquettes to follow when hiring a social escort in singapore

Many may at some point in their life wish to engage the services of a social escort. It is particularly true of travelers who seek companionship. This post is a dummy’s guide to the Social Escort experience in Singapore for those who are considering hiring an escort but are not sure what to expect from the exchange. Here is a list of etiquettes to keep yourself in check and have an enjoyable experience.

For starters, we have to understand the social escorts’ viewpoint that they have the right to protect themselves at any point of time. It is important to keep in mind that this is purely a “business relationship” where the belle has the rights to stay away from potential threats such as abusive clients and have control over the situation. The escorts in Singapore have to protect themselves from the stringent laws in Singapore to avoid landing themselves in trouble.

Please be understanding if they would like to conceal their identity for whichever reason, it is rude to probe, just like how you would like to keep your nose-picking habit a secret.

As a golden rule, having mutual respect is of utmost importance in order to have a successful date.


It is always important to do your research before engaging a social escort such as the preferences for initial contact, mode of payment and the documents required for verification purposes. To ensure that you have a no-frills booking process and a successful date, please make sure to get these tiny details right so as not to have any hiccup.

Now that you have the research work done for the engaging an social escort, take the first step to contact the social escort agency and pick the belle of your choice.

Setting the appointment

Pick a place that you can have a respected sphere of privacy and not having to scream your lungs out over a plate of Rojak. Get the picture?
Before the big day

Depending on preferences of the individual escort from Singapore, some may wish to have a short ice-breaking session before the actual day so that you will not have to search through your mental flirting encyclopedia for the best way just to say hello on your first date. Others may prefer to have an email conversation building up to the day. Whichever way you are staying in contact, remember to put on your best behavior.

Here is a list of dos and don’ts on THE DAY

  1. Have respect for the Social Escort
    Treat the social escort the way you wish to be treated. Never ever be too pushy in your demands, take it slow and easy, it is all about the mood isn’t it? Be respectful and polite, even if you are not a gentleman, at least try to be one for just that day.
  2. DO NOT BE LATE. Nuff said.
  3. Needless to say, please never ever show up drunk. You will not only be seen as a risk to your date, but also to the general public.
  4. Talk to them like how you would to a normal person or a friend, do not be use demeaning or seductive tone. They are perfectly sane human being topped up with the gift of beauty. If you are curious on the reason why she decided to join this line of work, ask it with an open mind, hold no judgment. It is a respectable job too.
  5. Nobody wants to know how many dates you have accumulated with the other social escorts or what you have done with their fellow colleagues. Privacy is key in this relationship. Do not gossip about one escort to another, nobody likes hanging out with an auntie who yaks non-stop about others.
  6. Having self-respect is another form of respecting the party you are with. The way you present yourself shows the level of respect you have for the escorts in Singapore. Wash up, be well-kempt and hygienically clean. Do not wear clothes that haven’t met the washing machine for weeks or months, your date does not wish to meet them too. Brush your teeth and use breath mints.
  7. Remember that this is a social engagement and everything is nothing but a planned out fairytale and do not get too emotionally attached.
  8. Imagine dating someone who talks and act like your grandmother (unless she is a hippie), it would be a chore to keep the conversation going. Keep things fun and light and move according to the flow.
  9. As much as you hope to keep in constant contact after the date, a simple ” Hey thank you so much for the wonderful company yesterday. Hope you got back safe.” would suffice. We charge royalties for copying this text, just kidding, just be yourself and say something original.
  10. Be at ease and have fun, you are not paying to meet the Queen!

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