Topless Barbers Are A Thing In Brisbane, Australia

Topless Barbers I n Brisbane is a hit with American Sailors


This is probably the one idea that nobody has thought of yet and will probably never see the light of day in Singapore – sexy topless barbers. Jasmine Robson from Brisbane, Australia came up with this idea and it turned out to be a great erotic success. Jamies currently runs a topless hairdressing salon called Barber Babes which is a part of her own adult entertainment venue – The Grosvenor on George.

The entrepreneur was particularly surprised by the interest of American sailors, especially after she began receiving calls directly from ships. She said, “I started receiving emails and strange phone calls from Americans with massive delay, obviously from ship’s satellite phone.”

Topless Barbers giving a haircut
Robson revealed that the first indication that they got the attention of the American sailors was when they started booking haircuts in her topless hairdressing salon. Even though the bookings were made on short notice and there were a lot of sailors, Robson said the venue was fully prepared for the arrival of the USS George Washington.

Nude hair cut
Back in 2013 American sailors also visited Jasmine’s salon, but the visit wasn’t announced and the salon was suddenly swamped. Robson admitted the girls even broke a couple of clippers due to the number of haircuts they performed.

Although the last sailors’ visit was unexpected and there was no time for big preparations, everything still ended pretty well. Robson said, “Obviously word has gotten around about us. Last time we had no bookings and this year we are nearly booked out.”

The arrival of sailors this time was announced and Robson had enough time to conduct final preparations. Robson spent an entire week flying in exotic dancers from all over the country. Exotic dancers started lap dancing as early as 11 am and the venue was open on Sunday and Monday just for the sailors.

Robson added that sailors were friendly, polite, and, even though they were surrounded by half-naked women, they kept calling them “ma’am”.

The Nude Barbaer Ladies

We will probably never see this happening in the main streets of Singapore, but perhaps this could be a service that the brothels of Geylang can consider providing. How about hiring a Singapore social escort to do this in the privacy of your home or hotel room? Sounds like an awesome idea, let us know if this is something you may like 🙂

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